What I Liked This Week – 22nd July

Portapotty walking its dog
Portapotty walking its dog (Photo credit: Road Dog)

Wyoming Porta Potty Sledding

It’s two puppets sledding in a porta potty


Worth checking out their YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/gloveandboots


A site that collate book reviews from multiple sources to see if they are recommended, similar to RottenTomatoes or MetaCritic but for books



Last week choreographer Elizabeth Streb had a day of performances in London with her dance troupe. Her work is very physical and incredibly spectacular. I’m hoping there will be a documentary about the day at some point during the Olympics (am I allowed to say the O word?) as I would like to see some of the pieces in full, at the moment the there just seem to be short snippets around youtube.



And Finally…

The Dark Knight Rises trailer with Pee-wee Herman voices



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