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What I Liked

What I Liked This Week – 19th August

Zhangjiajie_Panorama 02-10x8_600px 20110811
Zhangjiajie_Panorama 02-10x8_600px 20110811 (Photo credit: Richard J…)

I was away last weekend so missed a weekend :(


Collection of some of the funniest Olympic posts

Olympic diving faces

Peter Root’s Ephemicropolis – A City of Staples

A simple idea amazingly executed

7 Amazing Natural Landsmarks

I think I would love to go to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Facebook : People You May Know

I am not a great user of Facebook but find this story inspiring

Pools in the Sky

I think I might have to stop looking at travel web sights as I am getting itchy feet

Film – Cloud Atlas

This sounds like an amazing book that may be an amazing film. I wonder if I have time to read it beforehand?

What I Liked

What I Liked This Week – 5th August

Seedless watermelon Purchased Feb. 2005 in Atl...
Seedless watermelon Purchased Feb. 2005 in Atlanta, GA, USA  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3d Interactive Art

A fun gallery of people interacting with some forced perspective art

Cutting A Watermelon With Elastic Bands

A super slow motion video of a watermelon being sliced in half using only elastic bands

Man Gets Over Excited By A Train

How To Make A Royal Guard Laugh


The spiritual sequel to QWOP. It feels like it should be easier than QWOP but it isn’t yet is just as strangely addictive


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