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My webhosting was due for renewal so I am having a bit of a (late) spring clean. I have decided to look at the domains that I own and what I am doing with them.

The answer is not a lot. Some just sit there and do nothing, some started as a grand idea but fizzled out (usually before they began). Some are used for email, but others I have forgotten the passwords to so they are like some sort of internet black hole.

So a plan has been made.

1. New web-hosting. (This site is now sitting on a server from If you can read this then it is working!)

2. Decide which domains to keep and what I am going to do with them.

3. Do something with them.

Because you have got this far I have completed all three of these steps, yay for me!

So… will be for general chats, life status updates etc… (I hope that makes sense.) will be for I.T. and techy stuff – the things that people into I.T. and techy stuff may find interesting. will be for entertainment. P|reviews and that kind of thing.

I hope you will find items of interest and use.

Now, I just need to create a routine for keeping them updated and everything will be marvelous.