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    If you play games on your PC then you may like to know that every two weeks the Epic Games Store gives away free games for you to play and keep for ever.

    If there is a catch, then it is that you need to register an account and to play the games install the Epic Games desktop app. You will need to provide payment details but unless you buy something then you will never be charged, there are no subscription or recurring charges. All purchases require several confirmation steps so it is not easy to accidentally spend money 🙂

    The games that are given away tend to be from a mix of genres.

    At the time of writing the free games (available until the 8th of April) are:-

    Drawful 2 – a multiplayer game that allows friends to join using their phone or tablet.
    Gone Home – a mystery adventure whee you must investigate a house to find out what has happened
    Hob – a 3D action adventure game where you must explore a strange world

    Also a bonus game
    Totally Reliable Delivery Service – A multiplayer game where you join up with friends to try and (haphazardly) deliver packages

    Games can be added to an account by visiting the site on a phone or tablet and will then be in the app next time you use your PC.